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Beginner Class

A four week 75 minute class for those new to pickleball.  Our certified coaches will teach you all the basic strokes, rules and positioning to get you on the court and playing with your friends. Coach to student ratio is 1:6, maximum 12 students.

Advanced Beginner Class

Graduates of the beginner class will work with our coaches to refine their skills including stance, grip, contact point and weight transfer.  Drills will focus on ball placement, game strategy and court movement. Four sessions, 75 minutes each 1:6 coach-student ratio, maximum 12 students.

Intermediate Class

Graduates of advanced beginner will work on next level play. Drills will focus on refining stroke mechanics, sustained dink rallies, blocks, resets, court positioning, shot selection and shading. 
Desired outcome is higher pickelball IQ!  1:6 coach student ratio. Tuesday at 5:30pm.

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